The "Magic City"

.Minot came into existence in 1886, when the Great Northern Railroad ended its push through the state for the winter, prompting a tent town to spring up over night, as if by magic. Known from then on as the "Magic City." Minot was named after railroad investor Henry Davis Minot, and was incorporated on June 28, 1887.

Minot’s Fast Facts

  • Total Population in Commute Area: 93,396

  • Population: 69,477 (including Minot Air Force Base & Minot State University)

  • Total Employment in Commute Area: 35,474

  • Potential Labor Force (60 mile radius): 33,210

  • Potential Job Seekers: 24%

  • Unemployment: 3.4% (September 2011)


  • North Dakota ranks #1 in state competitiveness based on government and fiscal policy, security, infrastructure, human resources, technology, business incubation, openness and environmental policy (Beacon Hill Institute, 2010)

  • Minot ranks nationally the #12 "Best Small U.S. City to Raise a Family" (Forbes, 2010)

  • North Dakota ranks #3 in academic research and development  (Beacon Hill Institute, 2010)